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Writing your first CloudFormation Template

Writing your first CloudFormation template isn’t as difficult as you may have first thought. | taught by Michael Sheehy

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Writing your first CloudFormation template may not be as difficult as you may have first thought. If you are writing your first CloudFormation template try and keep it as simple as possible and only have the resources section.

Keeping it simple will make it less likely to fail. In this free video the important concepts involved in writing a very simple CloudFormation template are discussed.

Michael Sheehy
Michael Sheehy
Systems Engineer and Cloud Specialist

I am passionate about AWS and Cloud Technologies and the exciting future that it promises to bring. Over the last 3 years I have been heavily involved in AWS in both the online training area and at an Enterprise level helping transition many clients from on premises environment to the Cloud. I am also a fully Certified AWS Solutions Architect and have experience in OpenStack, Azure and Google Cloud.

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