OpenStack Fundamentals Training Course

Course description

This course is targeted towards those who are new to OpenStack technology.By the end of this course you will have a fundamental understanding of the core components needed to build and manage a public or private cloud environment using OpenStack. You will learn what makes OpenStack unique as a cloud architecture and how it differs to traditional virtualization.

Topics Covered

  • The origins of OpenStack technology and the OpenStack community.
  • A core understanding of OpenStack
  • A conceptual knowledge of the following OpenStack services
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Keystone (Identity)
  • Horizon (Dashboard)
  • Nova (Compute)
  • Neutron (Networking)
  • Glance (Imaging)
  • Swift (Object Storage)
  • Cinder (Block Storage)
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Using the Dashboard to access OpenStack
  • Using the CLI to access OpenStack
Michael Sheehy

Michael Sheehy

Systems Engineer and Cloud Specialist

I am passionate about AWS and Cloud Technologies and the exciting future that it promises to bring. Over the last 3 years I have been heavily involved in AWS in both the online training area and at an Enterprise level helping transition many clients from on premises environment to the Cloud. I am also a fully Certified AWS Solutions Architect and have experience in OpenStack, Azure and Google Cloud.

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Course Contents

14 Videos